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The Omnichannel Strategy – A Game Changer in the Contact Centre

The Omnichannel Strategy – A Game Changer in the Contact Centre

When customers are directed to a contact centre in order to gain assistance or support, many will assume that the whole process will be a complete nightmare. They may not get the support they need and be put on hold for ages or end up being transferred from department to department. In order to help improve end user experience, many contact centres have begun to implement multi-channel services. This enables end users to communicate with customer service teams through means other than the telephone, such as email and social media.

So, have multi-channel services helped improve the experience of contact centres? In some respects, the adoption of various technologies does improve the whole process, as customers can now communicate over the internet, and not worry about their phone bill. However, each conversation has its own channel and is often handled by a specialist team, meaning that calls and emails may be dealt with by different employees. This has the potential for causing confusion when dealing with requests and can cause a delay in responding to customers.

Adding omnichannel customer services could be considered a large change in many industries, but does it always provide a positive impact? More channels of communication add to the pressure already on customer service teams to provide results quickly and efficiently as more customers become time dependent on enquiries and requests. However, providing a good level of customer service and experience is vital, meeting the consumers’ needs is pinnacle to the success or collapse of a business. A responsive, engaging and useful customer service team is an asset to any business that wishes to succeed.

So how can an omnichannel strategy effect your business? It has the potential to drastically reduce the cost of your contact centre, utilise desk and office space, provide an agile working atmosphere for employees and also provide customer satisfaction. To find out how your company can achieve omnichannel excellence, please contact StableLogic.