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MPLS, Internet or Both! What’s best for your business?

MPLS, Internet or Both! What’s best for your business?

112,500,000,000. That is a big number. It is also the estimated number of emails sent per day in the business world alone in 2015. The rate at which we are increasingly consuming data in the business environment leads to increased costs across the corporate infrastructure. This coupled with the rapid adoption of cloud services begs the question: should I be installing expensive MPLS or should I just use the Internet?

The main areas to focus on when considering the options of an MPLS vs Internet based infrastructure are:

  • Security
  • QoS
  • Speed
  • Scalability
  • Cost

MPLS is the most expensive option out of the two however, with it comes increased security, speed and QoS which are all important factors to consider as more soft clients are used with applications held in the cloud. However, MPLS is not ideal for agile working and businesses that have a large amount of home workers i.e. start-ups.

Moore’s Law has led to an age of truly wireless connectivity where, frequently, our mobile devices are rarely more than an arm’s length away from us at all times and our ability to interact with anyone, anywhere, at any time means that the world of business truly is around the clock. The ability to access our cloud held applications from virtually anywhere is fast becoming necessity as increasing numbers of homeworkers are employed around the world. Increasingly it seems the cheapest and most efficient way in which to connect everyone in your business is via the Internet, but is it the right way?

A trend we have observed as an independent consultancy is that of a hybrid network, incorporating the reliability and quality of an MPLS network alongside the flexibility and scalability of the Internet. While business critical information is kept secure in your data centre(s) with a private MPLS link, data intensive applications can be kept in the cloud with local internet breakout in place to vastly reduce costs.

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