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Clould I connect my network to the Cloud?

Clould I connect my network to the Cloud?

With the growing trend of organisations using more cloud based services, the need for enhanced performance, security and reliability, backed up by some form of service level agreement becomes critical.  The use of such services such as Office 365, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now commonplace across most major organisations.

Many of the global wide area network (WAN) players such as AT&T, BT, OBS and Verizon have built relationships with cloud service providers and have started to offer direct interconnects via core interconnect infrastructure.

The number of cloud services directly supported from these WAN provider networks is growing daily and in most cases, are geo-located too. This is being achieved by being in the same data centre as the cloud service provider or by installing direct links to these services and then agreeing an interconnect relationship.

Many of our global clients have been considering the move to hybrid networks and at the same time are looking to leverage their core WAN network to connect directly with the cloud services they use.

The cost model used to access the cloud service via the interconnect is usually based on a ‘pay as you use’ approach. Most of WAN service providers offer threshold bands offering discounts based on volumes.

Key benefits of considering such an approach comprise:

  1. Performance
  • Deterministic performance levels with quality of service capability via high-performing low latency private connections.
  • Multiple geographic locations to cloud service resources providing enhanced performance due to lower latency and optimised path selection.
  • Bandwidth can be scaled up or down to meet volume demands.
  1. Simplicity
  • Access to usage-based resources on demand without the need to install costly infrastructure such as circuits with restrictive port speed limitations.
  • The ability to scale up or down dynamically with simple management and control via a centralised portal.
  • Access to new cloud services as and when they become available. The number of supported cloud resources is growing daily.
  1. Secure
  • Trusted and secure interconnect gateways via private connections completely separate from the public Internet. For organisations where security and compliance is a requirement, this is a major benefit.
  1. Reliability
  • Service Level Agreements with high availability (uptime) are supported and incorporated within contractual agreements. This is based on the service provider leveraging their mission critical high performing underlying infrastructure with multiple resilient paths.
  1. Commercial Efficiency
  • The total cost of ownership is much lower when compared to installing separate communication links to each cloud service provider.
  • The service access can typically be ceased with a 30-day notice period, allowing for changes to the use of cloud providers, which is becoming increasingly common.

For further details of how StableLogic can help businesses to review their access to cloud services, please contact us.