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Property Firm – WiFi

Property Firm – WiFi

This UK property management company wished to increase their efficiency by moving to an agile working environment.  The project required all staff to have mobile telephones and laptops and to hot desk.  The new way of working was a major change to staff who had been used to sitting at desks and using a fixed telephone and desktop PC.

As part of the overall project, StableLogic were employed to manage the WiFi strategy and procurement for 2000+ staff across 50+ locations.

Project Type: WiFi Infrastructure
Client: Real Estate
Project Value: £1m +
Keywords: WiFi, Wireless

StableLogic commenced the project with a detailed requirements gathering exercise.  The options considered ranged from a traditional corporate WiFi solution to an outsourced “coffee shop” service where all staff would be guests.  Following the establishment of a strategy, StableLogic managed a comprehensive RFP procurement process and supported the client with contract negotiation.