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Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Until recently, customer engagement simply comprised face to face, for example with a retailer, or a contact centre answering telephone calls and perhaps email.  The world has changed rapidly, customer expectations have increased and the speed of change rapid.

Today, customer engagement covers many different communication channels such as voice, video, social media, email and mobile apps.  Just consider common flight, you probably look a ticket via a web site, have a pop up web chat offer to increase sales, receive email confirmation, obtain a boarding pass via an app and cover social media in complaints if things go wrong.  This isn’t exceptional, it’s the standard way customers operate today.

Just identifying all the different communication paths or touch points, between your organisation and your customers, can be a challenge!

StableLogic have supported clients develop and implement their contact centre strategies for over 20 years.  The Contact Centre is often still the centre point of contact within the organisation, but it must now operate across channels and be able to integrate all other different channels as customers jump from one to the next.  The industry calls this integration “Omni-Channel”.

But a simple technology solution is not available.  A modern Customer Engagement strategy needs to consider sales, marketing, CRM and IT, in addition to the contact centre itself.

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