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Delivering Customer Experience with Business Analytics

Delivering Customer Experience with Business Analytics

The traditional contact centre has long been one of the most measured departments of an organisation.  Hundreds of metrics have been tracked including: How many calls?  Average answer time? Abandon rate?  Some organisations have gone a step further and included some customer satisfaction measures such as post call surveys or emails surveys, sometimes this feedback is included overall contact centre measurement.

Whilst important, this is a very limited measure of a organisations interactions with its customers and of its success.  How do customers feel about their customer service experience?  What about their overall interaction with the business – web site, email, SMS, social media, apps etc.

What is required is the ability to analyse the overall communication interactions with customers.  Something that current contact centre systems don’t really do – but neither does a CRM application.

There is an incredible ability to grow a business, enhance customer experience and develop sales with detailed and reliable Business Analytics.

StableLogic advise clients on how to obtain, implement and benefit from these technologies.