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Cutting Call Centre Costs

Cutting Call Centre Costs

Cutting Call Centre Costs

The call or contact centre are a major cost in most organisations.  The costs are typically split into the following areas:

  1. Staff Costs
  2. Office Costs
  3. Technology Costs

In this article, we give some practical tips to reducing each of these areas and therefor cutting call centre costs overall.

Cutting Staffing Costs

Staffing costs are by far the highest cost component of a contact centre. The key to cutting these costs is to increase the efficiency of your staff, therefore reducing the numbers of staff required along with the associated recruitment, training and retention costs.  As a result, your staff feel more valued and, as a result, deliver a higher customer service.

Key techniques include:

  • Process Optimisation – Relatively simple tools can improve efficiency by as much as 30%.  For example, stopping the need to move between multiple applications on the agent’s PC – but without a major software change.
  • Self Service – Market research indicates that many customers prefer to self-serve rather than use a call centre.  However, self-service IVR applications are not very popular with consumers.  Relatively low cost options, without a major software change include mobile apps and SMS self-service applications.
  • Channel Switch – Moving customers from a call to a web chat session, email or SMS chat session allows one member of staff to service multiple customers.
  • Prioritise – Configure your contact centre to prioritise your high priority and valued customers, possibly even pushing low value customers to more appropriate channels, such as on-line.

Cutting Office Costs

Office space is a significant cost which has increased dramatically in recent years.  For many, although clearly not all, contact centre agents there is absolutely no need for them to be located in a physical office.  Remote or home working agents can operate in exactly the same way as they do in the office – with all the same metrics, quality measures and call recording.

With home working agents, many are prepared to be highly flexible, for example working for a couple of hours during a peak period – which would be impractical if they had to travel to an office.

Remote working does, of course, have its challenges.  But these are well understood and solutions are well developed in the contact centre field.  So moving people out of the office is a key cost saving option.

Cutting Technology Costs

Traditionally call and contact centre systems have never been cheap.  But the market has changed dramatically in recent years with the cost of contact centre technology falling.  Many organisations still have large contact centre systems installed within their premises – which represent a major cost saving opportunity.  It is not uncommon to reduce technology costs by as much as 40%, simply by moving to a modern system on a new contract.

Next Steps

StableLogic are independent contact centre consultants.  With support clients in both the UK and multinational organisations.  We don’t sell any products or systems; we simply provide expert independent advice.

For details of how StableLogic can help you reduce the cost of your contact centre, please contact us.