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  • Working practices are becoming ever more complex and varied.  People work at different times of the day, in different time zones, often when travelling and when they are most productive.  The days of people coming to one single office and working in one place have gone.

    Many organisations have implemented collaboration technologies such as Skype for Business and Video Conferencing systems.  Indeed, many users operate across multiple communication systems in a single day.  But just adding technology does not created a collaborative organisation.

    StableLogic helps clients address two major challenges: i) How to make the technology work together in a seamless way, ii) How to use the technology to create a collaborative business.

  • In most organisations the phase “Unified Communications” is a little ironic.  Users move between email, instant messaging, presence, video conferencing, smartphone messaging apps such as WhatsApp and various audio and web conferencing systems such as WebEx.  Unfortunately, almost all of these systems are separate and even those that do integrate, often provide a limited or inconsistent user experience.

    To make matters worse, the market is currently in a state of rapid change with new products emerging, PBX voice technologies becoming integrated and social media becoming ever more important.

    StableLogic help clients to understand and optimise these varied unified communications technologies in order to create a collaborative organisation.

  • There are multiple communications technologies available – from the simple telephone to complex video conferencing systems such as telepresence.  Audio and web conferencing applications, messaging applications and instant messaging have all become mainstream.

    But one limitation with all of these communication options is that they tend to be separate standalone applications.  For example, when working on a project, a user will often leave their current activity and move to a communication application, such as email, to communicate with colleagues.

    A major new trend is to integrate communications technologies into business and other activities.  This approach can speed up response times and create a more efficient business.

    For example, in an IT department, if there is a major system outage, it would be useful for the UC system to send a instant message to the smartphones or key support staff.  This would allow them to start collaborating in a new message thread, or via voice/video, to solve the problem.

    StableLogic help clients to move to this next generation of communications technologies.

  • Business communications systems hold a wealth of hidden business intelligence.  All of the communication within an organisation and between an organisation and its customers is stored.

    Until recently this has been high level “meta” data – i.e. details of who communicated with who and when.  This is an extremely useful set of data, for example, how do you communicate with your customers and does the amount of communicate align with the customers value to your business?

    More detailed data is increasingly becoming available.  With the move to email communication, web chat, instant messaging and social media, even more information is available and can be analysed.

    Just consider how this critical communication information could be used to transform your business success.

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