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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Independent Cloud Readiness Assessment - Your Cloud Transformation Plan

At StableLogic we know that moving to the cloud does not happen in a vacuum. That’s why when we assess an organisations ability to move to the cloud we don’t just look at it from a technical perspective we look at it from a business perspective as well.

Whilst cloud services have created a lot of publicity and the discussion around benefits, the implementation of cloud services is far from straightforward.

Cloud Service Questions

  1. Is the organisation ready to move to cloud services?
  1. Why is the organisation looking to move to cloud services and are the organisations objectives aligned with the cloud services model?
  1. What changes would need to be put in place to move to the cloud? g. changes to the network, direct connections to cloud providers, changes to underlying technologies and associated interdependencies and data security changes.
  1. What would be the impact of cloud services on data security, service availability and disaster recovery?
  1. Which applications and services would benefit most from moving to the cloud and what are the most suitable service options, for example, Software as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service etc.
  1. What are the major problems and risks of moving to the cloud and how does this align with strategic objectives of the organisation?
  1. On balance what are the advantages and limitations of cloud services both technically and strategically.

How can StableLogic help?

At StableLogic we understand that moving to the cloud is a big step for any organisation and requires a degree of due diligence to ensure the right decisions are being made for the right reasons throughout the entire process. That’s why no matter what stage of transitioning to the cloud your organisation is in, StableLogic have tailored a range to services to help simplify the process to ensure your organisation achieves the best possible outcome.

Cloud Readiness Assessment Scope

Our cloud readiness assessment is comprised of data collection and analysis in the following areas:

  1. Technical Infrastructure
    1. Network performance
    2. Server infrastructure
    3. Application environment
    4. Licences
  1. Operational environment
    1. Analysis of operational objectives against a cloud infrastructure
    2. Deployment analysis
    3. Risk analysis (technical and regulatory)
    4. Cost analysis
  1. Cultural Insight
    1. Employee adoption/resistance
    2. Risks


At the completion of the review, StableLogic present a detailed report and presentation which includes the following:

  1. An assessment of the organisations readiness for cloud services.
  2. An action list of items to be addressed prior to a move to the cloud.
  3. A roadmap for a move to the cloud – including priorities, benefits and limitations.
  4. A high level business case assessment.

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