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Operational effectiveness is in a state of metamorphosis, a state which is being driven by ever evolving Cloud Services and thrust into our collective eye line because of its ability to revolutionise the way in which we work. Traditional thinking about work environments both physical and virtual are being flipped on their head as technology is allowing us to reshape what it means to be both efficient and productive.

Operational effectiveness when viewed through a technical prism allows us to discard todays rigid operational environment and embrace a more dynamic environment for tomorrow. This is no more evident than when addressing the use of cloud services in a corporate environment.

So what are cloud services and why should you care?

The expression cloud services is an umbrella term that encompasses the myriad of IT resources provided over the internet. The services are designed to provide easy and scalable access to applications, resources and infrastructure, and are fully managed by a third-party cloud services provider.

Whether it be IaaS, PaaS or SaaS the options that an organisation has in which to consume cloud services is vast, and generally present different benefits depending on each individual’s perspective. However, generally speaking whether it’s a fully public environment, a hybrid environment or to perform specific activities that require additional resource the benefits of moving to a cloud ecosystem are clear.

How can StableLogic help?

At StableLogic we understand that moving to the cloud is a big step for any organisation and requires a degree of due diligence to ensure the right decisions are being made for the right reasons throughout the entire process. That’s why no matter what stage of transitioning to the cloud your organisation is in, StableLogic have tailored a range to services to help simplify the process to ensure your organisation achieves the best possible outcome.

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