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Do Cloud Services Improve Performance and Resilience?

Do Cloud Services Improve Performance and Resilience?

Whether you are considering a complete move to cloud, a partial move or just interested in what all the hype is about, organisations are significantly improving bottom line performance by incorporating cloud services into their corporate IT environment.

Organisational thinking around technical asset investment is changing, where once it was firmly engrained in an organisations capital budget planning in an effort to predict the payback period and thus commercial viability of technical infrastructure investments, it now finds itself labelled as archaic process abstracted from what is relevant and eclipsed by a new paradigm of operational effectiveness.

The new operational paradigm seeks to address two words that have been common place in most conversations regarding IT infrastructure and data centres for years. Overprovisioned and undersubscribed, two adjectives that have historically accompanied most C-level conversations with respect to IT infrastructure and can now thankfully be addressed in the following ways by integrating cloud services into your organisations technical estate.

Flexible and scalable capacity – the cloud is a flexible and scalable resource that is available when you need it. For example, if your organisations demand cycle is seasonal, whereby most of your sales occur over Christmas, instead of paying for the additional capacity all year round the cloud lets you scale up and scale down as your demand profile dictates. Therefore, there are no delays in expanding capacity or any wastage of unused capability

Do more with less – by utilising the cloud, your organisation can reduce the size of your data centre footprint, or eliminate your data centre footprint altogether depending on your organisations appetite for change.

No single point of failure – the multitude of hardware resources means assured levels of redundancy – should one aspect of the service fail the service will be unaffected.