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Can Skype for Business Replace my PBX?

Can Skype for Business Replace my PBX?

2015 saw the rebrand of Microsoft Lync to Skype for Business.  As many feared, this has created some confusion in the marketplace, with the perception that Skype for Business is, as it says, Skype, and not an enterprise platform based on Lync.  However, perceptions are slowly changing.

The other major change announced by Microsoft is the launch of cloud and hybrid cloud telephony options.  The options now available, depending on location, comprise:

  • Enterprise Voice – Which is Skype for Business on-premise – effectively the latest version of Lync.
  • Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling – PBX functionality from Microsoft’s cloud which includes the provision of all the telephone lines/calls.
  • Cloud PBX with On-Premise PSTN – The use of Microsoft’s cloud for the PBX functionality but calls are still routed out of the organisations infrastructure on traditional Telco circuits.
  • Hybrid – Retain existing PBX and use Microsoft’s “Cloud Connector) to integrate with their cloud solution.

This list provides a great many options, why would I want to change to Skype for Business:

  • Functionality – Although a different set of features to a traditional PBX, Skype for Business offers a great many collaboration and agile working features.
  • Simplicity – The solution integrates well with the rest of the Microsoft Office suite.

And what are the limitations?

  • Geographic Coverage – Many of the above features are only currently available in some countries.
  • Experience – Skype for Business is still relatively new in the market and the cloud offerings are very new.
  • PBX Features – For organisations that use traditional PBX features, these are limited.
  • Cost – Although often marketed as a way to reduce your PBX costs, the total costs of a Skype for Business implementation can be considerable.


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