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Auditing – A Businessman’s Best Friend

Auditing – A Businessman’s Best Friend

An audit is the systematic examination and evaluation of an organisation’s estate to make sure the present records are fair and accurate. Some may see this definition and think auditing is only important for the financial aspects of a company, however there are other important reasons why it is an extremely integral part of a business.

Cost Savings

Cost savings are the benefit that most people would associate with auditing. It can be no more than reviewing an estate, introducing savings in each division of the company and then monitoring the planned spend against the actual spend. In the short-term, this is a perfectly suitable plan of attack but for long-term impacts a more strategic and in-depth method is necessary to drive savings and continue cost avoidance.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters come in many shapes and forms, and can strike when you least expect it so it only seems sensible to minimise the potential risk as much as possible. Disaster recovery audits allow you to address all the key items that are necessary for a company to survive during and after a disaster; such as emergency procedures, data and system backups and confidential information. Audits of this kind can identify areas where a company’s disaster recovery protocol is incomplete, untested, lacking suitable processes or is even out-dated. Successfully meeting the criteria from your findings will help to decrease the long-term impact and severity to your organisation in the event an incident occurs.

Having so many different applications, auditing can seem a daunting task. However, one main principle runs through them all: minimising cost and maximising efficiency.

If used wisely and in the right hands, auditing can be a powerful tool which can lead a business out of the red and into the black. Please contact StableLogic for a no obligation initial meeting.