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As an independent consultancy, StableLogic have no preferred products or suppliers. We advise clients on both products and potential suppliers and therefore work closely with many suppliers in the industry.

We are pleased to answer the following frequently asked supplier questions.

How do I become a preferred supplier?

We do not have any preferred suppliers but we do maintain a database of potential suppliers to our clients. To be added to our supplier list please complete the form below or email your company name, contact details and information about your product/service to suppliers@stablelogic.com.

Supplier List Registration

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Do StableLogic take a commission?

StableLogic do not take any payment or commission from suppliers. Our sole source of income is from our clients. All contracts are directly between our clients and their suppliers.

I have not worked with StableLogic before, do I stand a chance of winning?

We utilise an objective scoring process, a new supplier therefore has just as much chance of winning a procurement as supplier we have worked with before.

How many procurements do StableLogic run?

This varies depending on client workload and time of year, but we typically issue an RFP/tender every three weeks.

What sort of clients to StableLogic work for?

Our client base is very diverse and ranges from medium sized businesses to major multinationals.  The procurements that StableLogic manage vary from mobile contracts for UK clients, to global outsource services comprising all telecoms services and worth tens of millions.

Corruption and Bribery

Like all professional organisations we have very strict anti-corruption and bribery rules.

Recruitment Consultants and SEO Suppliers

Please note, StableLogic do not use Recruitment Consultants or SEO companies. Please do not waste your time in contacting us.


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