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Top 10 Ways to Save Money on your Network

Top 10 Ways to Save Money on your Network

The data network is one of the most expensive items in the IT budget.  It is, of course, mission critical, but it is very possible to save money on your network.

Save Money on Your Network

StableLogic’s top 10 ways to save money on your network are:

  1. Audit – Firstly, make sure you need what you have.  Have any locations closed?  Are circuits still required?  Is every line of the network bill from your provider correct?  Are the costs being charged by your provider in line with the contract?
  2. Right Size – As business changes and services move to the cloud, the bandwidth required in different locations changes.  This often results in excess capacity at some sites (e.g. where former data centres were based) and insufficient capacity at other sites.
  3. Benchmark – How do your costs compare to market rates?  Benchmarking can be one of the fastest ways to identify cost saving opportunities.  For more details of StableLogic’s network benchmarking services, please click here.
  4. Negotiate – Following a benchmarking, even a mid contract negotiation can result in significant savings, particularly if you are willing to extend the contract period.
  5. Avoid Backhauling – Many organisations have transferred services to the cloud, for example with Office 365.  A traditional MPLS network results in data backhauling across a MPLS cloud, simply to breakout to the Internet.  This results in increased costs and reduced performance.  For details of network strategy options, click here.
  6. Consider NaaS – NaaS or Network as a Service is an alternative to an expensive MPLS network for some organisations and locations.  You use local high capacity Internet connections and then use the NaaS provider to deliver high speed connections between sites.
  7. Go Hybrid – MPLS services are only required for some types of data.  A standard Internet connection is perfect for a great deal of an organisations data and can be used in a highly secure manner.  Consider a hybrid network which reduces MPLS bandwidth and used the Internet where possible.
  8. Optimise – Simply adding bandwidth to a site with poor performance is often not the only, or best solution.  It is important to understand what the traffic is and the options to optimise it’s performance – for example to accelerate the traffic, introducing local cache and manage usage.
  9. Procurement – If your agreement for network services is within 18 months of the end date, consider a full procurement.  A procurement process is bar far the best way of both reducing cost and pushing up service levels.  It is also a good opportunity to review the network strategy.  For details of StableLogic’s network procurement services, please click here.
  10. Manage – To be effective, reducing network cost needs to be an ongoing and not a one off exercise.  StableLogic’s cost management services have helped organisations to bring down and then keep down their network costs.  For further information, please contact us.


For more information on how StableLogic can help you save money on your network, please contact us.